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Hear expert's theory about what caused key bridge explosion in Russian war

CNN's Oren Liebermann reports on the explosion that damaged the Kerch bridge that links Russia's mainland with annexed Crimea. #CNN #News source

Ukrainian leader says she's preparing for a possible Russian nuclear strike

Kira Rudik, a member of the Ukrainian Parliament, discusses what weapons Ukraine needs to fight Russia and the likelihood of a nuclear attack by...

Soldier shoots down Russian missile, Ukraine says

Ukraine's defense ministry shared a video and said a soldier shot down a Russian cruise missile with a portable air defense system. #CNN #news source

Can China and Russia establish a new global order? | Inside Story

China's president is making his first foreign trip since the pandemic began more than two years ago. Xi Jinping's first stop was Kazakhstan, where he...

Eastern Economic Forum: Russian President speaking at annual gathering | Al Jazeera analysis

Eastern Economic Forum: Russian President speaking at annual gathering Vladimir Putin accuses the west of undermining fundamentals of the global economic system. He says it...

Should the West be nervous about Turkey's close ties with Russia? | Inside Story

Ankara and Moscow are shoring up their cooperation as Russia faces isolation and sanctions. Russia and Turkey are reported to have agreed on the delivery...

Drone footage shows Russian artillery pounding Ukrainian wheat fields

Russia is setting Ukrainian wheat fields on fire, putting a strain on the country's grain exports. CNN's Ivan Watson reports from a farm in...

Russia intensifies attacks as Kharkiv strikes kill several people

Dozens of Ukrainian civilians have been killed by Russian missiles over the past few days, and as Kyiv fights to hold back the advancing...

Russian missile strikes 'targeting civilians' in Ukraine

Russian missile strikes have caused widespread damage in towns and cities across the country's south and east. At least 15 people were killed in...

Russia vetoes UN resolution extending cross-border aid to Syria

Russia has vetoed a resolution at the UN Security Council, that sought to extend aid deliveries to Syrians, in the last rebel-controlled north-western region. The...

Biden: SUCK IT UP On Gas Prices ‘As Long As It Takes’ To Beat Russia, It's PUTIN'S Fault

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky break down how historic neoliberalism has contributed to today's gas crisis. About Rising: Rising is a weekday morning show...

The Ukrainians Sent to Russia’s ‘Filtration Camps’ | Russia-Ukraine War

Thousands of refugees from Ukraine have been sent to so-called filtration camps, where they have been interrogated and then forced to resettle to Russia....

Russia earns $98B from fuel exports in first 100 days of Ukraine war

Moscow (The Times Groupe)- Russia has earned billions from energy exports as Russian fossil fuel exports totaled $98 billion during the first 100 days of invasion of Ukraine, most of it going to the European Union.

Russia destroys bridge over Ukrainian river, cutting escape route

Tehran (The Times Groupe)- Russian troops have destroyed a bridge connecting the embattled Ukrainian city of Sievierodonetsk with another city across the river, cutting off a possible evacuation route for civilians, local officials said on Sunday.

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